Webinar: Islamophobia Reaches a Violent Tipping Point

Since the inception of ISIS and especially after the horrendous attacks in Paris and California, Islamophobia has reached a violent tipping point. The mainstream discourse has been explicit with open calls for violence against Muslims. In addition, the shock after these attacks was utilized by the power structure to put more pressure on Muslim communities in the West to participate in securitization projects, namely Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), and to diminish Muslim critique of foreign policy.

Given that Western-Muslims are being constantly perceived as a fifth column in their societies, and there is a constant demand to prove their citizenship by compromising values and beliefs, Dr. Hatem Bazian will discuss the impact of Islamophobia on the Muslim communities in the West. And specifically, how the American Muslim community should appropriately respond to Islamophobia, and the direction we should be taking while under attack.