As a Muslim, I Dissent, Refuse and Resist war mongers stoking war against Iran!

As a Sunni Muslim, I Dissent, Refuse and Resist war mongers stoking war against Iran!
Trump and his expanding circle of neo-conservatives, war mongers and torture specialists are stoking the flames of war against Iran, I stand in dissent and in total opposition to this unfolding scheme. The same fictitious logic that pushed the war on Iraq is being utilized to beat the drums of war against Iran with Netanyahu jumping into the mix to urge immediate action against Iran.
Let me be very clear, the ongoing fragmentation and conflicts in the region has its origin in empire, colonial, post-colonial and globalization imperatives and not, I repeat not, in historical theological or textual differences between Sunnism and Shi’ism, as two interconnected historical articulation of Islamic worldview. Here, the machination of historical, theological and legal differences to stoke and expand empire, domination of resources and preservation of post-WWII world order should be called out for what it is, an effort directed at divide and rule to maintain the region as a domain for power play between global and regional actors.
Sunni Muslims should be very clear that another war will only mean more bloodshed, destruction and continuation of dependency on global power brokers that buy and sell in an economy of death and commodification of war, an instrument of business and a growth industry. Certainly, this dissenting position is not to imply that Iran, as a nation-state actor is not beyond critique, as the engagement in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq has witnessed many wrong steps and entanglements that are utilized to feed into the existing push toward war. In saying this, I am also assigning blame to Gulf, Arab and Muslim nation-state actors that pursued a destructive course of action to preserve their own narrowly constructed power and contribute to the global war economy through massive purchases of weapons from the global north.
The equation at work can be summed up in the following: stoke Sunni-Shia tension and weaponized this historical division, foster a divide and rule so as to prevent regional unity and cooperation in an area that is rich with resources, sell weapons to all parties involved and facilitate a massive wealth transfer from the region to northern hemisphere economies so as to help stabilize and maintain the standards of living that is connected to military industrial complex and corporate profit engines connected to it. The role of the region is to sell oil, buy weapons and use it to kill each other, which in the process keep all dependent on northern hemisphere imperial post-colonial power structures.
I refuse and resist any attempt at mobilizing any type of Sunni theological, historical, legal, cultural, ethnic and modern nation-state to facilitate another war that at the end of the day will see Muslim bodies and societies set ablaze to push the levers of empire forward. Join me in refusing and resisting this logic and dissent when you are called to beat the Sunni-Shia drums of war! Say no to Trump and Netanyahu now when it counts and not postmortem when the graves are too many to count, the destruction is total and the refugees stream northward to facilitate brain drain and push the engines of war economies forward!