• April 21, 2017 |

    Kashmir: The Forgotten Cause!

    The image of Farooq Ahmad Dar, a Kashmiri shawl weaver, bound as a human shield on the bumper of an Indian military jeep is an atrocious display of an army that has become well-accustomed to human rights violations. On April 9, Mr. Dar was detained for no cause whatsoever while on his way to a…

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  • January 29, 2017 |

    Trump’s War on Islam and Clash of Civilization Wrecking Crew!

    In the few days since Trump took office, the new administration has re-deployed Islam at the center of its anti-terrorism campaign. Trump expressed this shift in his inauguration speech, which had the following line to frame the new administration’s relations with Islam and the Muslim world: “We will reinforce old alliances and form new ones…

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  • December 22, 2016 |

    Trump’s Appointment of David Friedman is the Official End of Oslo

    Trump’s appointment of David M. Friedman as the new ambassador to Israel brings an end to 70 years of U.S. official policy on Palestine centered on U.N. resolutions 181, 242 and 338 with a two-state solution as the final outcome. Official policy or not, it must be made clear that, in reality, successive U.S. administrations…

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  • December 13, 2016 |

    Dismembering the Ottomans and Colonizing Palestine

    The Zionist colonizing project in Palestine was carried out over a long period and had various stages to it but it could not have been possible without the involvement of Great Britain, France and the United States at a later point. Many books, articles and materials relating to Palestine tend to begin the Palestinian dispossession…

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  • November 16, 2016 |

    Trump and the Collapse of Neoliberal Economic Order!

    The string of right-wing political parties gaining the upper hand in elections across Europe and now joined by Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S. election points to a much bigger phenomenon: the collapse of the neoliberal economic and political order.  Consequently, focusing on each election outcome across Europe and the U.S. misses the overall global…

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  • October 26, 2016 |

    The Metaphysical and the Crisis of Spiritual Materiality

    The word “spiritual” — frequently used in increasingly non-descriptive and narrowly understood ways in the modern and post-colonial period —  is a term that postulates a new relationship between the human and God that is no longer regulated by existing “tradition” or normative religious discourses. Just as modernity, post-modernity, or neo-liberal world order defined every…

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  • September 4, 2016 |

    Does Europe Have an Inquisition Problem?

    Switzerland banned the construction of minarets; Spain and Italy have placed heavy restrictions on permits for building new mosques; Austria adopted a law to redefine the status of Islam and Muslims in the country; France has layered bans on the Hijab, Niqab and now Burkini; and the continent-wide massive surveillance of Muslims raises an important question: Will Europe forever have…

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  • August 24, 2016 |

    Ahmed Abu Ghosh’s Olympic Gold Medal and the Expulsion of Palestinians

    Ahmed Abu Ghosh won Jordan’s first ever Olympic gold medal by winning the men’s 68-kg taekwondo competition, which is a major achievement. However, Ahmed’s victory immediately elicited Israeli claims over him, especially with the fact that the Abu Ghosh family comes from the village with the same name in Israel. Here, Ahmed was entered into…

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  • August 17, 2016 |

    Erasure of the Human

    In France, I encountered a number of refugees who had their fingerprints completely scratched over, burned or partially disfigured. One of the main distinguishing features of being a unique member of the human family is reflected in fingerprints as no two are identical. A fingerprint is a defining characteristic of every human around the world….

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  • July 28, 2016 |

    The Refugee: the Commodified Human

    During a summer immersion course on immigration and refugees, we had the honor to be visited by Yousif, a Sudanese refugee “living” in Paris after a nearly four-month torturous journey. He shared his story, which started from the moment he left his home up until arriving in Paris. Yousif’s story began with him and his…

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